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March 2011
Meet the team! We will be displaying our complete line of products at the ConExpo in Las Vegas March 22-26.

February 2011
RejeX has replaced another well-known "wax-like" product on the Allowance Equipment List (AEL) for all U.S., Spanish, Korean and Japanese naval vessels equipped with the AEGIS combat system. If you want to seal your car, boat, airplane, RV or motorcycle with the best protection modern science has to offer – choose RejeX!

Spring 2010
CorrosionX was recently named as one of the "Top Ten Boat Care Products – Ever" by Do It Yourself Boat Owner magazine.











XCorrosionX is the flagship product of a line of marine, industrial, aviation, automotive, concrete, asphalt and household maintenance, protection and cleaning products manufactured or distributed by Corrosion Technologies Corp. of Dallas, TX.

Simply put: CorrosionX is the most advanced corrosion and rust fighter in the world. It is also among the best – if not the best – lubricating and penetrating oils on the market at any price.

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RejeX Nothing Sticks but the Shine!™

WANTED: Dealers & Distributors. For more information about dealer and distributor opportunities, please contact J.D. Hill at 469-583-9218.

Developed in response to the U.S. military's need for a high tech, dirt and stain repelling coating to protect paint from the ravages of harsh chemicals and jet exhaust, RejeX provides incomparable protection and shine for vehicles of all kinds including: cars and trucks, boats, yachts, military and commercial ships, airplanes and helicopters, motorcycles, RVs, busses, tractors and industrial vehicles. RejeX is also very popular for use on furniture and as a protective sealant for stone counters, shower stalls and glass windows and doors.

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When the US Navy sought a partner to manufacture a line of MIL-SPEC corrosion inhibitors they developed, the Navy turned to the recognized leader in the field of corrosion prevention research and development to produce NavGuard. CorrosionX NavGuard will be the first and only product line to satisfy MIL-PRF-91309F Type I, Type II and Type III.

Industrial / Concrete / Asphalt Materials

New for 2011, CorrosionX turned it research and development scientists lose to develop a full line of nonhazardous, green (and in many cases, biodegradeable) materials to replace the hazardous and often dangerous chemicals used in the concrete, asphalt and building industries.